Bringing people together for a little laughter.


Does this sound familiar? A son was concerned for his mother, Mary, who lives alone. He could see that she was becoming isolated. Mary lives in the country with no close neighbors, she doesn’t drive, and now doesn’t get out of the house much. She had a stroke a few years ago and was living with some memory loss. It was hard for her son to know how much she loved to play Bingo and gamble but now could not do either.


That’s when this son called Family Pathways Aging Services. He was looking for help to get his mother out again socially. Family Pathways has a wonderful volunteer couple, Sharon and Joe, who have experience with memory loss clients. Through Aging Services they were connected with Mary. Mary was a little hesitant at first - not sure she wanted anyone in her home.


Sharon and Joe assured her they were not there to judge but were there as friends. Their first visit was dinner and Bingo at the local VFW. Mary loved it! She was thrilled to be out with people again.


On their next visit, Sharon and Joe brought another client with them. The ladies talked and laughed like old friends. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between clients and volunteers. The best part is that this is not an unusual story.


If you have family or neighbors living alone and needing assistance, please have them contact Aging Services.